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Unable to delete Report Output in JasperServer 5.6


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I am in the process of attempting an update to JasperServer 5.6   I have successfully configured and built the application and got it to start on my machine.  I built a simple report and setup a scheduled job for that report, and all worked fine (emailed report, created report in repository, etc.) 

After running, I went to the repository folder where the report output files were stored (CSV and PDF) and tried to delete, but no option is given.  When I select those files, the buttons at the top stay greyed out.  Note that since I was just testing, I used the same folder for the Jasper Report and the report output files, not sure if that matters.  When I select the Jasper Report in the same folder, I get the delete option (button enabled). 

I have played with permissions on the folder as well, no luck.  I am working as user jasperadmin, and have not made any server config changes via the UI (permissions, etc.) other than as noted above.



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The JS is missing "Utils" scope in getInitConfiguration.  The original source is:


    var Utils = {

    restOfString: function(str, fromStr) {

        var from = str.lastIndexOf(fromStr) + fromStr.length;

        return str.substring(from, str.length).trim();


    getInitOptions: function () {

        return localContext.rsInitOptions || __jrsConfigs__.repositorySearch["localContext"].rsInitOptions;


    getInitConfiguration: function () {

        return getInitOptions().configuration;




Just change "return getInitOptions().configuration;" to get "return Utils.getInitOptions().configuration;"


You'll have to make this change in the optimized version of the script (optimized-scripts/results.page.js).  Fortunately there are only two occurrences of getInitOptions so it's easy to find and fix the correct one.


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