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By: Per Nyfelt - per_nyfelt


2006-02-04 06:03



I would like to get the jasperreports-portal working on jboss-portal 2.2.1. Deployment descriptor among other things has changed. also it would be nice to upgrade to use the latest JR release. I wanted to check if someone had already started to look at upgrading but I cannot find jasperreports-portal in CVS. Cound someone please point out where to find it?


Best regards,




By: Barry Klawans - bearklaw

RE: jasperreports-portal

2006-02-07 13:56

Hi Per,


Looks like the source didn't get added for some reason. I'll track it down and put it on SourceForge.





By: Barry Klawans - bearklaw

RE: jasperreports-portal

2006-02-07 14:55

By the way, the source is available from the files download area, its just not in CVS currently. Download jasperreports-portal.src.zip.





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: jasperreports-portal

2006-02-08 06:42




The JasperReports Portal application is now

on the public Sourceforge CVS repository here:








By: rrogger - rrogger

RE: jasperreports-portal

2006-02-10 11:02

Excuse, please. Sorry for poor English. What is license for jasperreports-portal. Not found in CVS or download.






By: Barry Klawans - bklawans

RE: jasperreports-portal

2006-02-10 13:46

LGPL. I'll make sure it gets added in the immediate future.



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