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Perfs problems on AIX

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By: Jean-Louis Berliet - jlberliet

Perfs problems on AIX

2004-02-12 01:12

i'm using jasperReports in a web application.

When the application runs on windows 2000 the pdf files are generated quickly (< 2s).

When the same application runs on Aix 5.1, JVM 1.4 the pdf files are generated very very slowly... (> 30s). The server has a lot of memory (4 Go) !

My application server is tomcat 4.18 and the report is generated in a servlet and i put -Djava.awt.headless=true









By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Perfs problems on AIX

2004-02-12 02:14




I think you have overriden the memory allocation

settings for tomcat by modifyind CATALINA_OPTS.

I had this problem myself last week.

The -Xmx command line parameters are set somewhere before and by setting the

CATALINA_OPTS you remove them.

So your tomcat runs with the default amount of

memory and the JVM spends a lot of time garbage

collecting things.



I hope this helps.







By: Jean-Louis Berliet - jlberliet

RE: Perfs problems on AIX

2004-02-12 03:12

I have the same problem without TOMCAT, on a standalone application on a linux box :


- with IBM/JVM 1.4 (and "-Xmx512m") : 3 minutes

- with SUN/JVM 1.4.1 : 30 seconds


What is the problem ?

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