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multiple detail bands

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By: William Baker - wlbaker

multiple detail bands

2006-01-10 15:26

Wouldn't it be nice to have:



<band> <printWhenExpression><detailA></printWhenExpression>











By: nsorochan - nsorochan

RE: multiple detail bands

2006-01-10 15:29

yup, totally.



By: William Baker - wlbaker

RE: multiple detail bands

2006-01-12 16:19

Is there any chance that a patch to provide this functionality would be accepted into the main line?





By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: multiple detail bands

2006-01-13 01:48




Yes, patches are always welcomed.

But before embarking into coding this, I would

only remind you that any report section can be

split into multiple bands using dummy groups.

For the detail section, is just about using groups

with the expression based on the REPORT_COUNT

variable. Such groups break with every record in

the data source and thus we have extra group

headers and footers that behave like the detail.


I hope this helps.


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