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Order MDX dimension values

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Greetings to all.

This question could have been asked many times, but I can't find any answer for that, so I'm here to ask an help.

I have an MDX query generating some measures in columns and displacing dimensions in rows, for three different hierarchies. I need to order the first of these dimensions, made by two levels of the OLAP cube with a YEAR information and extracted from a database like the other data, so I can show year values in descending order (such as "this year...this year-3", for example).

The final result should be an exploding cube with descending order by year dimension, then the other dimensions, with a structure kept also when exploded. Is it possible?

My code

selectNON EMPTY {[Measures].[sTANZIAMENTO INIZIALE],[Measures].[ASS_VAR], [Measures].[TOTALE STANZIAMENTO],[Measures].[sUBJUDICE],[Measures].[NETTO SUBJUDICE],[Measures].[VBLOC],[Measures].[ASSEGNAZIONE],[Measures].[iMP],[Measures].[iMPORD],[Measures].[iMPGEN],[Measures].[iMPVAR],[Measures].[iMPEGNATO],[Measures].[DISPONIBILITÀ],[Measures].[ACCERTATO],[Measures].[LIQ],[Measures].[TFP],[Measures].[RISCOSSO],[Measures].[PAGATO]} ON COLUMNS,NON EMPTY {(ORDER(    ([YEAR.Periodo].[All YEAR.Periodos],    [ESPERIMENTI.Esperimenti].[All ESPERIMENTI.Esperimentis],    [CAP.Capitolo].[All CAP.Capitolos]),    [YEAR.Periodo].[EGE].CurrentMember.Value, DESC))} ON ROWSfrom [CUBO_Bilancio_INFN][/code]

doesn't give any error, but the data remains ordered as before.


Thank You for any suggestion.

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