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No such tuple on axis 0 error on iReport

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How can I get measures value on iReport?

    select     crossjoin(reg.region.children,      {        [measures].[mtot],        [measures].[wtot]      }     ) on columns,     title.titlekhas.children on rows    from report1[/code]

There is my MDX query.

I have try add `fields` on iReport. <br>
When I add the `rows` and `cloumns` with this `expression` it works<br>

       <field name="Region" class="java.lang.String">      <fieldDescription><![CDATA[Columns[Reg][ListRegion]]]></fieldDescription>   </field>   <field name="Title" class="java.lang.String">      <fieldDescription><![CDATA[Rows[Title][Title]]]></fieldDescription>   </field>[/code]

But when i add measures with this `expression`<br>

    <field name="mtot" class="java.lang.Number">      <fieldDescription><![CDATA[Data([Reg].[region],?)]]></fieldDescription>    </field>[/code]

It return `No such tuple (...) on axis 0`

Am I doing wrong?
Every answer will be thankful.




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