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Consider Two input parameter Category and Products(Both are util.collection)

For Product i have query:select Product_name from products where ($X{IN,Category_name ,Category})

Product I/P controls works fine for 'All' or any particluar category  i select.

But on selection of 'NONE' i am getting all the values of products for all categories instead  it must not show any products in list.

Any pointer related to these could help?

Thanking You





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0nce you choose "none" , I wonder if the param is being calculated as "" or empty.   And in $X syntax, empty results in 1=1 or 0=0....   so if you stick 0=0 instead your where clause instead of "where Category IN {x,y,z} - you get back all results.

If you set defaultValueExpressions does the behavior change?   For null try:

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