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Help with Sub-Reports:Urgent

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By: Sri - laxais

Help with Sub-Reports:Urgent

2004-01-29 04:52



I have a master report with 6 sub-reports, all in detail. Now, the problem is:


There's 1 sub-report in the bottom of the detail, which returns say more number of rows than the space allocated for the sub-report.


And the space that's given for this subreport in the Master-report is say height 100 pixels.


Then what's happening is, because the 100 pixels space wasn't enough to display all 4 rows.


It displays 1 row in the first page and

2 rows in the second page and

4rth row in the third page.


And the remaining space is all empty.


What I want is if 100 pixels space wasn't enough, then the subreport has to stretch itself like:

1 row in first page and

all the remaining rows in the following page.


But this doesn't seem to happen, why?


Instead, what I think is happening is because the height of the subreport is 100 pixels, its displaying rows that only fit in 100 pixels wide in EACH page.


How do I avoid this?







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Help with Sub-Reports:Urgent

2004-01-31 01:26




I have to see the XMLs to diagnose this.


But it might be that you use a very large band

and the upper elements inside do not have


In this case you should apply this trick to optimise

the layout by splitting the band:



Or it might be that you have printOrder="Horizontal"

and the master band simply does not let the

subreports inside stretch.


I hope this helps.


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