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Retrieving 110,000 records

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By: mozart - mozart_sk8

Retrieving 110,000 records

2004-01-29 09:48

Why is it everytime that I will attempt to retrieve 110,000 records I always received an internal server error. Is this a bug?







By: John Zoetebier - johnzoet

RE: Retrieving 110,000 records

2004-01-29 13:02

My best guess is that you try to load 110,000 records in memory, right ?

Do you read them all in a collection ?

Have you tried to read say 1000 records and get the same problem.

You should try out different scenarios to isolate the cause of the problem.






By: mozart - mozart_sk8

RE: Retrieving 110,000 records

2004-01-29 16:50

actually I have already tried 15000 records. And I've encountered no problem at all when retrieving the said records. Are there any limitations for jasper when it comes to retrieving of records that it could onlly accomodate this level of records? If there are no limitations, can you suggest on something how I could solve this problem?


I would really appreciate if you could help me?





By: John Zoetebier - johnzoet

RE: Retrieving 110,000 records

2004-01-29 17:40

Check if the problem is in Jasper Reports or somewhere else.

For example make a test program without Jasper that reads all 110,000 records.

If that works fine you know there is a problem in the interaction with Jasper Reports.

As recordsets are light weight I can hardly beleive this is where the problem is.

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