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Jasper Studio 5.5: Fonts in PDF

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I am working on a report which will finally end up as PDF. I am using a custom font for which i created a new font family inside Jasper Studio (Window -> Preferences -> Jasper Studio -> Fonts).
My problem is, that the "PDF Font Name" -Dropdown contains only a small portion of the fonts installed on my system. Where is the rest and how can i tell Jasper to use these for PDF´s?

Also, if I use my newly created font in my template and export it to PDF, Jasper wont render any text at all. If instead I use the pure custom font, it works.
Anyone else having these problems?

Thanks in advance and best regards.

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I´ve managed to fix a part of this. The PDF didnt display any font, because the embedded font used an invalid encoding.
Changing the decoding to cp1250 made the font successfully embedding into the pdf.

Now I just need to know how I can tell Jasper add more fonts to the "PDF Font Name"-Dropdown. 


Edit: I fixed the second part of this and it seems to be a bug. I figured out that If I dont touch the "PDF Font Name"-Dropdown, so it remains empty, the exported PDF will use my font.
However, if the dropdown has been touched before, e.g. by inputting something in it or choosing a value, and then was cleared, Jasper seems to work an empty String as font name. I will further observe this behavious and open a Ticket for it.

To summarize this:
If you create a new font family and do not want to use any of the fonts that Jasper offers you in the "PDF Font Name"-Dropdown, then DO NOT touch it! If you already selected a value then you have to delete and re-add your font family.

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