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Vertical column titles/dyn. report generation

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By: Rudolf Ziegaus - ziegauru

Vertical column titles/dyn. report generation

2003-05-12 15:29



I am new to JasperReport and currently investigating if we could use JasperReport for our Java application.


Besides from what I have already seen and read, we need two features I have not found in the available documentation:


1) vertical column titles

2) Completely dynamic report generation

(I have acompletly dynamic JCTable wher columns vary from one user to the other, from one invocation of our report to the other; we have some 600 columns to choose from, so I need to generate the output dynamically.


Are these features supported by JasperReport?


Thanks for any hints,








By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Vertical column titles/dyn. report generation

2003-05-13 12:53




1) If you are talking about vertical heading text,

the answer is no. JasperReports does not support

rotating text.


2) Dynamic report templates are possible using

the JasperReports API. However, they require

compilation before being used for filling with data.

But I already suggested ways of dealing with

custom report templates that users can define for themseves:




Future version will probably enhance or even

eliminate the need for bytecode compilation in



Thank you,







By: Rudolf Ziegaus - ziegauru

RE: Vertical column titles/dyn. report generation

2003-05-13 15:48

Hello Teodor,


thanks for your hints.


1) Yep, I was talking about rotating text. Do have have plans to support this for a future version?


2) I did not check out your articel (will do so later), but my problem is not userdefined templates. It'ij more that they choose several of many (approx. 600) attributes. This results in a table being shown on the screen. Now they want to export or print exactly those attributes they have chosen in my application before. These attributes change from one export to the other, one user may choose any combination he likes. Maybe they some standard attributes, but it should also be possible to include any old attribute each time they do an export or print.



Thansk for your comments,







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: Vertical column titles/dyn. report genera

2004-01-28 13:12




Rotating text is now possible.


If you get the latest CVS version, there is a new

"rotation" attribute for text elements.

Possible values are "None", "Left" and "Right".


Thank you,


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