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How to call Jasper Report from C# .net windows application


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I am new to Jasper Report and was using Crystal Report earlier. I want to ask can anyone share a c# class file which shows how to call a Jasper Report from C# application which is deployed in Jasper Report Server.

Also is there any cloud based Jasper Report server where some sample Jasper Report are deployed which can be used for testing purpose using one's C# code?

Any input wil be deeply appreciated.



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JrParameterItem mp3 = new JrParameterItem();

mp3.Name = "Au";

mp3.Value = "01-01-2015";



IntJasperReportParameter p = new IntJasperReportParameter();

p.IntValue = 2;

p.Name = "NN";



DateTimeJasperReportParameter d = new DateTimeJasperReportParameter();

d.DateTimeValue = DateTime.Now.Date;

d.Name = "Du";



JasperReport report = new JasperReport()


Name = "Relevé",

Path = "/Pathto/MyReport",

Parameters = mP,




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