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What version of JasperReports Server do you use?

This issue can appear in JRS v4.7

but it should not appear in latest versions. (If i remember correctly >= JRS v5.0)


Also please check jasperserver_config_<YOUR_LOCALE>.properties

it should contains consistent date format for both

date.format, datetime.format, time.format and

calendar.date.format, calendar.datetime.format, calendar.time.format properties

Properties with calendar.* prefix are used to configure jQuery datepicker calendar plugin which is used in JRS

while properties without such prefix are used in java backend to parse/format strings (see javadoc)

so for example

values date.format and calendar.date.format should provide SAME parse/format results for same dates.


P.S. these properties are duplicated because jQuery calendar plugin is a little bit different from java DateFormat pattern


Hope this helps.


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