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SSO on JBoss 5 with jasperserver and a custom application


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I'm trying to configure a Jboss based SSO for jasperserver 5.2 and another custom application. Both of them are running on the same JBoss 5.1.0 so we decided to use the container based SSO based on Tomcat SSO solution.

The desired use mode is:

  1. User arrive on the main domain.
  2. He logs into "custom application"
  3. there is a link to jasper, he clicks and should be authomatically logged in in the jasperserver application

I've been looking on the web, my starting doc was http://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/jasperreports-server-authentication-jboss-sso which if I understand correctly means I should configure Spring-security to use the preauthentication.

My problem with this guide is also the "For brevity, we assume you've already installed and configured JBoss SSO."

What we have is:

  • in is set
  • Custom application implemented their login first, they have an entry set in
  • I more or less followed the guide mentionned above with changes to web.xml and an applicationContext-externalAuth-LDAP_sso.xml in the WEB-INF folder of jasperserver (the standard of jasperserver config changed in between so you don't edit applicationContext-security.xml directly anymore)
  • in the jboss-web.xml of jasperserver I have an entry 'java:/jaas/application-login'

I'm at a loss, my user are not automatically authenticated in jasper. I don't see anything in the logs and I can't really find any good authoritative documentation.

Few questions:

  • I'm reusing the application-policy from custom-application for Jasper. Am I supposed to do that? Or should I redefine a new one?
  • Regarding the roles defined in web.xml, I'm tried several things including the variations on the groups coming from the ldap. What is the way to define them?

Thanks for the help.


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