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I have MS Access database report and several dozen MS Access databases, each Database is named like 1234,5678, 4444, all the same layout.

I don't what to copy and maintain the same report for each database, is there a way to create one report and have user enter a number as a parameter and then dynamically create a connection to the database in the report?


Thank You



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But how do you create the dynamic connection to the database?

for example:

I have 2 DSNs in my ODBC manager both for Access Database

1) DB1234 - It's pointing to C:Databases12345.MDB

2) DB5678 - It's poiting to  C:Databases5678.MDB

Both databases have the same table names and same layout

I have 1 report and I want a user to run the report get a prompt for the number and if user enters 1234 the report will use DB1234 DSN and if user enters 5678 the report will use DB5678 DSN.

Is this possible ?



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I am using ireort designer 5.5.0 for generating jasper reports. I am having similar requirements(as user czupet had) where I have to select the database attributes dynamically such as database host name, user id, password etc based on the user input say local DB or dev DB. How this can be acheived using ireport designer? Your suggestions are appreciated.



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