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how to format date on x-axis in charts?


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I am trying to create a chart with lines where dates on the x-axis. The periods between the dates are different. First i selected a category dataset. The only problem was the formatting of the dates which i need in a dd.MM.yy pattern. Other as is in normal reports there is no pattern item. I tried to edit the xml-file but this was not successful. Next step was to try it with a time series dataset. There a period was asked for but as just mentioned a fix period doesn't exist.

The Ultimate Guide doesn't tell anything to this.

Would be more than happy for help.
Another question: is there a documentation about jrxml available?

Michael Fischer


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Hi Thomas,

thank you so much for your reply.

First i did was to change the class type from java.sql.Timestamp to java.util.Date.

Second i changed the caategory expression as you have suggested. After this the filling process could not work. Maybe a syntax error?


In the attached file all is documented.
Would be wonderful to hear from you again.

Best regards Michael

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