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page break on subreport

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By: Sheida - sh_sadrai

page break on subreport

2005-05-27 14:55

I need my subreports has their own page. Either their data is big or small.

I tried to put them in a group header with attribute StartNewPage=true in the group but it didnt work.





By: Mark Wilson - markwil

RE: page break on subreport

2005-05-30 05:18

Hi Sheida,

just done that (took a few hours to figure it out)!

I placed the subreps. on the groupfooter and in the subreps. I put an empty title band with isTitleNewPage=true in the subrep header.

Hope it helps.

- Mark

PS. I could mail you the report if it helps.





By: Sheida - sh_sadrai

RE: page break on subreport

2005-05-31 08:02

Please send me the report. Because it didnt work for me. I added a title to my subreport with startnewPage=true. then I put my subreport in a group footer. But didnt work. My email is: sh_sadrai@yahoo.com

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