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Newbie needs help

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By: percivalbragg - percivalbragg

Newbie needs help

2005-05-27 19:09

I am a newbie to jasperreports and iReports. I have created a report using iReports consisting of a main report and a subreport. A jdbc connection is passed to the subreport from the main report via the $P{REPORT_CONNECTION} parameter. Parameters, passed from a coldfusion page, are also passed to the main report. This works fine as is.


The users now want the result set for the main report to be massaged before the report is produced. I would think that I could write a java class to be called from from jasperreports that would do this massaging before it is output to the report.


How can I do this? Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


Thanks in advance.





By: elmato - elmato

RE: Newbie needs help

2005-05-31 04:16

i personally don't know how to program this, but take a look at iReport->plugins->helloworld and go to the ireport homepage i think there they write how you can accomplish your task(if i understood you right ;-)

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