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Formatting: How to group a string-output..?

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Hi again,

in my report I've to print an IBAN-code. This is a quite long string with varying length (between 20 and 30 chars. approximatly). For reading, it is better to print it in groups of 4 chars.
I don't think, there is a ready-made format function for this ... but I'm only a iReports-maker, not a java-programmer...  perhapes I can get help here? http://community.jaspersoft.com/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/regular_smile.gif

thanks for any help


this is it, I would need:   AT363471100000060815 --> AT36 3471 1000 0006 0815     (iReports 4.5.1)

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