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how to arrange the subreport dynamically in main report


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Can anyone please suggest...We have a scenario to generate the main report which is having 8 subreports in it and in a sequence.
The challenge here is that, I want to input the sequence in which the subreports will appear in the main report. That means, the subreports should be dynamically arranged based on the sequnence which i input and to be displayed in the main report.
Kindly help me in resolving this.Looking forward to your responses

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Perhaps it would be an idea to pass the subreport expressions and datasources dynamically as parameters of your main report (parameter subreport1-8 and ds1-8, where you can set the ordering by yourself). It should also be possible to define expressions with if-else structures using a sequence input parameter.  Like that, you can define which content (of subreport) is printed where in the main report.

What you cannot do is to have dynamic postions of your subreports, these are static.

Cheers, Thomas


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