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Scheduled reports: 1 report per client


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Hi everyone,

We're running Jasperreports Server Pro 5.0.1.
We have say 500 clients, each has their own number of course, and I have an Ad Hoc report which shows their profits.
Parameter for this report is their client code, resulting in a personalised ad hoc report.

Is there a way to schedule this report, with the 500 client codes as parameter, resulting in 500 SEPERATE pdf files ?
I would be OK with the files being stored physically on the server, teh winz would be if they could be emailed to that specific client :-)

Any suggstions please ?
Thanks in advance.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Have a look at the components on the Talend Exchange Website from Jan Lolling:


With these components (used with Jaspersoft ETL) you should be able to build an iteration flow over your customer-ids and run the report with the ids as parameters. You can store the reports in JS´ repository or on the file system. Additionally you could use the Jaspersoft ETL´s components to email the report results to your customers.

I only participated a webinar last week concerning the components and did not use them by myself, but they look great

Cheers, Thomas


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