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Hiding a label if there is no matching data

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By: Rebecca Peltz - rebecca_peltz

Hiding a label if there is no matching data

2005-05-26 15:59

I have a label that appears next to a subreport. If the subreport is empty I don't want to display the label. I tried using a PrintWhenExpression looking the the datasource to be null, but this didn't work. Apparently the datasource is not null even if there is no data in it.


I looked at the datasource API to see if there is a getCount method, but couldn't find any.


What would be a good test for me to use to cause a label to print only when a dataset has row.


Here is the expression I tried that didn't work:

new Boolean (((net.sf.jasperreports.engine.data.JRXmlDataSource) $P{REPORT_DATA_SOURCE}).dataSource("/Quote/TransportationItem/BasicCharges/TransportationItemCharge[itemGUID=" + $F{ItemGUID} + "' and ChargeOutputType='DESTINATION]")!=null)

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