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Relative Dates in a Variable Expression

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Hello, I'm just learning iReport.  I'm attempted to build a report that will summerize shipping information for different time periods.

I have a working Relative Date Parameter called "Prior_Week" that has the following Default Value Expression:

new net.sf.jasperreports.types.date.DateRangeBuilder("WEEK-1").toDateRange()

I have a Variable called "Total_Warranty_Orders" which should be the count of all the warranty orders during the previous week.  Here is the Variable Expression:

($F{warranty_order} == true ? ($F{date_done} == $P{Prior_Week} ? 1 : null) : null)

The other properties are: Variable Class = java.lang.Integer, Calculation = Count, Reset type = Report, Increment type = None.

When I run the report, "Total_Warranty_Orders" = 0 for each row.  

Any help is appreciated!

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Hi Thomas, thanks for your reply. I'm having trouble implementing your suggestion. I believe the problem is related to different data types.


$F{date_done} is set to java.sql.Timestamp

$P{Prior_Week} is set to Timestamp Range


I receive the following error when compiling the report:


The operator >= is undefined for the argument type(s) java.sql.Timestamp, java.sql.Timestamp

java.sql.Timestamp)field_date_done.getValue()) >= ((net.sf.jasperreports.types.date.TimestampRange)parameter_Prior_Week.getValue()).getStart()


I've tried assigning my field and parameter to different datatypes, but always receive a similar error.


Thanks for the assistance.


- Aaron

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I worked it out with the help of Thomas's information. Here's the result:


($F{date_invoice}.compareTo($P{Prior_Week}.getStart()) >= 0 && $F{date_invoice}.compareTo($P{Prior_Week}.getEnd()) <= 0 && $F{account_name}.startsWith("Warranty")) ? $F{quantity} : 0


I had to make the "date_invoice" column from my query a java.sql.Date class.

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