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json and wildcard expressions


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I'm new to iReport but am trying to put together a report using a json datasource.  the sections of the data are referenced using a GUID which is generated when the json file is created.  So the data looks something like

{    "name" : "config1",    "items" : {        "e0454dab-e6b3-5fb1-3e68-b242e5f6e48e" :{            "name" : "item1",                "information" : "this is the first"        },        "2ea24212-c1fc-1650-0442-26c4b43e2053": {            "name" : "item2",                "information" : " this is the second"        },    },}

Is there any way of using a wildcard type syntax to get to data, ie items.*.name and create a table from it.

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This will be possible in JasperReports Library v6.3.1.

With this release, a new JSON query language(JSONQL) will be available for use. It is meant to replace the existing language for querying JSON data. New sample with extensive documentation will be available in the Data Source / Query Executer section of the sample reference page(http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/sample.reference.html).

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