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I am using charts pro(Stacked bar chart) in one of my report. the flash chart is working fine when i am working with jasperserver 5.0.1 installed in Windows m/c.But when I try to run the same report in the jasperserver 5.0.1 installed in my  linux m/c the charts are falling back to javascript .It's different from the windows m/c .The bar width is increasing and x-axis values alignment is different.overall the chart is not presentable in the jasperserver installed in linux m/c.

Is there any extra setting to display flash charts in the jasperserver installed in a linux m/c ?

Thanks for reading

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Guys iam really sorry , This was due to the following  changes done by my beautiful and smart client


com.jaspersoft.jasperreports.fusion.charts.render.type=html5 .

Posted in case somebody gets struck with same issue.



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