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Docx export usability


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Hi, we have a client that's complaining that the exported Docx result is not really usable.

They want to copy paste sections (what they refer to as tables) from on exported report docx into a bigger word doc, which they are compiling by hand. But currently this is not possible because it looks like the whole report is stored as one massive table within the word document.

Currently we are using 3.7.2 and I have quickly evaluated 5.0.1 which provides the same result. I saw that poi-ooxml dependency was added after 3.7.2 and I got excited hoping there was better docx export support, but it seems like the jasper code is never inoking classes from poi-ooxml? Seems like the DocxExporter classes perform everything on their own. Why is the poi-ooxml dependency then bundled with Jasper if its not used?

Any tips for improving the docx exported results? Maybe the way we setup templates is causing this?

Thanks in advance.

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