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multiple sorting order on same xml datasource

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By: Friedemann Becker - fnbecker

multiple sorting order on same xml datasource

2005-05-13 08:14

I have an xml datasource that I wan't to reuse in different subreports. The problem is, that the sorting order should be different. Make a copy of the datasource is not an option for me, because it has quite much data and has to be transferred from the server to a client application, which takes some time.


Any ideas?






By: brent - bvbenson

RE: multiple sorting order on same xml datasource

2005-05-13 08:22

create XSLT templates and move those accross you should be able to keep that around a K in size. You can then use your datasource, but run it through the transformation on the client side and pick up the new file. That is the only way I can think of solving the issue.





By: C-Box - c-box

RE: multiple sorting order on same xml dataso

2005-05-15 00:36

Just my two cent...


make your customdatasource clonable and use a datasourceexpression in your SubReportElement like this:




in the method "doCloneAndSortBy" you can first make a clone and after that sort the cloned datasource by the name of the field that is passed in and return it as JRDataSource.


not tried yet (the sorting) but at least the cloning works fine for me.




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