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display or not an image on Page Header


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Select * from MyTable
| Users   |   Phone     | 
| User1  |  iphone3    | 
| User1  |  iphone4    |
| User1  |  iphone5    |
| User2 |  iphone3     |
| User2 |  iphone4     |
| User3 |   iphone5   |
How To display an image in iReport ( Page HEADER ) if there is at least one user who's got an 'iphone 5'
if No user Has 'iphone 5' => do not display image 
Thank you.
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1) Use table to show data of Users and phone. In dataset for table write your query  
   Select * from MyTable

2) Write following query in main report Query Text.
   select count (Phone) as "Phone" from MyTable where Phone = 'iphone5'
3) Take your image at your page header, and check it's property " Print When Expression "
   In print when expression, write this statement
   $F{Phone}.intValue() !=  0

Let me know whether it works or not.

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Hi, thank you for answering, i found a solution by adding subreport etc... my only problem is that the output PDF is on 802% ??   i didnt find any solution, i set page format properties again and again, but PDF still output in 800%   Why!!! thank you

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Anuj, very elegant solution! One definitely can resolve same with subdatasets (queries) and subreports but calculated var is best for sure!

SK, guess you are talking about resolution. How big is your page size in iReport? Since PDF pages are always print - A4 or letter by default, it will always stretch a small report. You could leave empty space on the report itself and review all the Stretch properties for your elements. Hope it helps.

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