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Looking for a manual/book

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By: Edward W. Rouse - erouse666

Looking for a manual/book

2005-05-10 09:23

I know the Ultimate book is not available and I am reading the how-to, tutorial, whatever else I can find, but I would like to know if anyone knows where to find good info for helping a new user with the following.


I have a current website that has some home grown reports that I would like to change over to JR. I am getting a handle on the whole data source thing and have figured out how to congeal my disparate data sources into something that I can use.


What I need now is information on how to integrate JR into an existing website so that when a users clicks on a link/button, I generate a report and send it back to them in whatever form they chose, kind of the way the samples are served. But this is a current snapshot type process. These are not pregenerated reports.


Any help on finding some resources to help with this transition would be greatly appreciated.





By: macoute - macoute

RE: Looking for a manual/book

2005-05-12 01:23

To my mind, it's possible if you use a servlet container such as Tomcat





By: Edward W. Rouse - erouse666

RE: Looking for a manual/book

2005-05-12 03:58

I agree, but I was hoping for a how-to, an article or an example.





By: newbieus - newbieus

RE: Looking for a manual/book

2005-05-12 07:50

The webapp demo example that comes with the JR I believe has what you're looking for.

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