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Missing rows in subreport

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By: timjp7 - timjp7

Missing rows in subreport

2004-12-16 09:32



I am having some trouble with subreports. I have two subreports each sitting in the header of their own group (costs & payments) within a main report.


Everything works when there is only one cost item in the subreport but when there are two or more items it seems to miss off the first item in the cost subreport.


If I call the cost subreport directly all items are displayed, but with the report nested as a subreport in a main report the first cost item is missing.


Any ideas of what this could be?


Thanks in advance,




P.S. I am generating PDF reports





By: timjp7 - timjp7

RE: Missing rows in subreport

2004-12-17 03:40

Fixed the problem - lesson learnt.


Don't use the same JRDataSource for both the main report and the subreport.





By: Sri - skakumanu

RE: Missing rows in subreport

2005-05-01 19:03

I am also having similar issue.

- I have a main report that has page title and two subreports.

- Both the subreports are insider seperate group headers.

- When I display the report in PDF I miss the first row of the collection bean from First subreport, rest all is fine.

- When I gave pageSplitAllowed = true for Groups it showed me the whole collection without any rows missing, but shows an empty page as fist page.


What parameter should I tweek to solve this problem. By the way we are using JasperAssistant and development is done on Websphere 5.0.2.








By: newbieus - newbieus

RE: Missing rows in subreport

2005-05-12 07:45

My report have this condition also and am wondering if you have resolved this? Thanks.

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