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JasperReports and Scriptlet's class position

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By: finzic - finzic

JasperReports and Scriptlet's class position

2005-05-10 05:49

Hi all,

I am in the process of evaluating JAsperReports and I need help on where to put *.class files of the scriptlets.


In my development process, I create the report using iReports, then I move to my java IDE and create the scriptlet (call it myScriptlet.java) that will handle the various PARAMETERS' use and fill ${VARIABLE}'s .


now the tricky part: the *.jasper file needs the myScriptlet.class file to be available at runtime.


IMHO JasperReports requires the scriptlet class to be positioned in a path that starts from the directory where the *.jasper file is.


Is there any means to specify a different path for the scriptlet class?


I need this because the directory layout of my CVS module will be different from the directory layour of the running application.


Also, when working with IDE, any time I recompile the file myScriptlet.java, I need to manually copy the file myScriptlet.class to the path (relative to *.jasper's dir) where it should be. this is a great annoyance when (rapidly!) developing! Any idea on how to avoid this class file manual copy?


Thank you all in advance!







By: bourridhh - bourridhh

RE: JasperReports and Scriptlet's class posit

2005-05-10 06:26


when using a scriptlet class you need to specify the path of the class : package_name.your_scriptlet.class

When using japser there is three steps to run a report

- compile



suppose you have a class that will do all of these operations

when compiling a jrxml file the JasperCompileManager generate a temporary java file in the same dir of this class, if you use a scriptlet class this class will be referenced in this java file ,the scriptlet file must be visible to the java class (in his class path)


hope it helps







By: finzic - finzic

RE: JasperReports and Scriptlet's class posit

2005-05-10 06:58

Thank you very much, bourridhh,

I tried your suggestion and it worked well!

it's amazing how people from the 2 corners of the world could help themselves thru this magic we call Internet!

Thank you again, and have a nice day!

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