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Date parameter passing incorrect date (T-1)


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After we upgrade our server (commercial) to 4.7.1 from 4.5.1, all our reports are being generated for T-1 instead of current date.  Not just the automated reports but it's the same story when run manually.  If you select 11/01/2012 on the calendar, it'll run the report for 10/31/2012.

Initial research seems to point to a timezone discrepancy but we've sync'd all the timezones in our environments.  CentOS, Java, Tomcat6, Jasper 4.7.1.  It also said to "blank" out the timezone setting under datasource, it's a drop down and ours was already set to "use setting from database"  (I'm guessing this is what they mean by "blank"ing it out.


Please help.

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Please check that you log in to jasperserver using same timezone as you database, and jasperserver instance. 
If this not help check type of your datasource JDBC or JNDI?
If JDBC then try to switch to JNDI.
If nothing helps as a last resort you can edit datasource and select different timezone for it, so in runtime it will show correct value but it is not recommended way, better is just to upgrade to 5.0 there  several timezone issues was fixed.
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