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variable expression urgent

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By: Swati Puranik - swatip

variable expression urgent

2005-04-30 03:33


I want to keep on concatinating a field from the detail section to a variable and display this variable in some other section. How can i achieve this?







By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: variable expression urgent

2005-05-04 01:24




A nice solution to this would be to use custom

implementations of the JRIncrementer and JRIncrementerFactory interfaces along with the

"incrementerFactroryClass" associated with a report



With these, you'll basically teach JasperReports how

to make a sum out of String elements.


To learn how to implement these interfaces, take a look

at the existing implementation that are in the source files

of JasperReports and deal with day-to-day incrementations like sums, average, min, max, etc.


Or, you could simply use scriptlets like shown in the

provided "scriptlet" sample where we concatenate city names.


I hope this helps.




I hope this helps.







By: kootjekip - kootjekip

RE: variable expression urgent

2005-05-04 04:32

To teodor: Much to complicated for users who can make reports but no Java.


Suggestion, make this possible through a new tag in JRXML

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