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Dynamically adding columns

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By: lalith jayaweera - j_lalith

Dynamically adding columns

2005-02-08 22:05

Hi All,


How can we set the colomn names(add columns as well) of a report template dynamically. This is when the colomn names are not known initially but when processing the template.


Basically how to modify the structure of a template dynamically.


Thanks in advance.





By: Hans Prueller - hanzz

RE: Dynamically adding columns

2005-02-08 22:16

I think the only way is to dynamically generate the report design at runtime (the xml file). dynamic columns in already compiled reports is a feature many people are waiting future...


this should work with a future release - right when the "crosstab-reports" feature will get available.







By: lalith jayaweera - j_lalith

RE: Dynamically adding columns

2005-02-09 19:49


What about loading the jrxml into a JasperDesign-there we can change existing elements. Then compile that JasperDesignObject into a JasperReport-Object and fill that JasperReport-Object into a JasperPrint-Object and export into what ever format (PDF or XLS or HTML or etc).


I cant understand why in the previous message it is stated as a impossible task in the current version. Is it because doing the template modifications runtime without compiling the template?


Waiting for a early reply.









By: C-Box - c-box

RE: Dynamically adding columns

2005-02-10 00:53

You must compile your changed JasperDesign, otherwise your changes have no effect. To fill a report you need (afaik) a compiled report (object).


Otherwise you could use a scriptlet to get access to your report-objects at runtime (when report is really filled). So you could try to change your elements.










By: Ruben Misrahi - rnmisrahi

RE: Dynamically adding columns

2005-04-26 10:17

And how do you load a jrxml into a jasperDesign?


Do you have access to documentation that explains this?

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