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two-side pdf

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By: korrrus - korrus

two-side pdf

2005-04-25 07:48

I have a problem. I need to create two-side pdf document.

Is it possible in jasper or is't. If it is imposible what to do to create pdf document where on firs page is one part of the report and on second page the second part but it has another header and data from the same sql query. And inf there is more than one page the number of records on the first page and second is the same and so on. Yhx





By: C-Box - c-box

RE: two-side pdf

2005-04-25 08:04

Should be possible...


just create two groups (part1 and part2) then create for each group a subreport and put it into the corresponding groupheaderband.... then make your needed design in each SubReport (so the different headers/footers become possible) and that's it... could be possible that you must define two datasources for each subreport if the query is the same so that each subreport just shows the data to it's "logical group".

So surely a lot of trial and error - but not impossible (in my opinion).


with the startGroupOnNewPage you can influence the pageBreaks for each group appearence.




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