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Dynamically resizing an image?

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By: Rob Roland - robdaemon

Dynamically resizing an image?

2005-04-20 18:55

Hi all,


I have a chart in my report that I'm generating using JFreeChart. Depending on the amount of items that end up in this chart, I'd like to dynamically resize the image (and the band it exists in). I've been looking for a way to do this within a scriptlet, but I can't find anything.


Does anyone know if this is possible?







By: macoute - macoute

RE: Dynamically resizing an image?

2005-04-21 07:56

Reserve the max size, and resize the image in it.

But the size is constant





By: William Baker - wlbaker

RE: Dynamically resizing an image?

2005-04-22 16:35


You might look at the way the Table of Contents is handled in the demo. It manipulates the JasperPrint after it is filled.


I think I know what you want to do, and this only gives you a mediocre solution.

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