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JRViewer print button always prints A4 paper

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By: Jorn T. Nordahl - jorntnordahl

JRViewer print button always prints A4 paper

2005-04-22 14:30

I'm trying to solve a bug we have found, where the user clicks the Print button showing in the JRViewer class.


When clicked, a print dialog comes up allowing user to select between prints etc, but not allowing user to chooser paper format.


Clicking print sends a A4 formated report to our printer which causes our printer to slightly nuts with lots of red blinking lights (:-)


Annyhow... any way we can get around this?


This is on Windows XP...


Here is the trail I've followed:


JRViewer -->

JasperPrintManager.printReport(jasperPrint, true); -->

return JRPrinterAWT.printPages(





); -->


PrinterJob printJob = PrinterJob.getPrinterJob();

PageFormat pageFormat = printJob.defaultPage();

Paper paper = pageFormat.getPaper();




These last few classes are from java.awt.print package, and I can't find a way to modify these by way of properties....


Any help would be greatly apreciated...

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