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Jasper Reports in Eclipse Plugin

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By: DarMe - darme

Jasper Reports in Eclipse Plugin

2005-04-21 09:13



first of all: I'm a newbe.

So, let's start with my problem:


I would like to use Jasper Reports in my own Eclipse plugin. But I get an error in my verry first steps by compiling my report design (ReportTest.jrxml) and generating the .jasper file. I've put the jrxml file in my current working directory - means I have my projectfolder and my jrxml-file is in the level below. But I get always a ClassNotFoundException which tells me the ReportTest.jrxml can't be found.


In my other TestProject (a normal Java application project) I did the same but it works fine.


I tried to change the jasper.reports.compile.class.path to repair the error but it doesn't work.


I'm sure it is a very simple problem and it's only be who can't fix it.

I'm grateful if any one has any idea....


With regards






By: JJoshua - enigm0

RE: Jasper Reports in Eclipse Plugin

2005-04-21 12:39

I have an idea, use jasperassistant :>

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