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Mutiple Xpath and sibling

2004 IR Help

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By: gandalfchris - warchrisma

Mutiple Xpath and sibling

2005-04-05 02:45

i got that kind of structure :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="latin1"?>












<AdresseSuite>91660 NOZAY France</AdresseSuite>

<Telephone>T鬩phone : 0164497238</Telephone>


<LibL1>P鲩ode : </LibL1>

<DateIni>Lundi 1 Janvier 1900</DateIni>

<DateFin>Lundi 1 Janvier 1900</DateFin>


<LibL2>Renue de compte en euros</LibL2>






<LibCol2>R馮 Pi裥</LibCol2>




<LibCol6>Mvts d颩t</LibCol6>

<LibCol7>Mvts cr颩t</LibCol7>





<Date>01/02/2004 </Date>

<Ref_Piece>CHG </Ref_Piece>

<Compte>101 </Compte>

<Lib_Compte>Capital </Lib_Compte>

<Debit> </Debit>

<Credit>101,00 </Credit>




<Date>01/02/2004 </Date>

<Ref_Piece>CHG </Ref_Piece>

<Compte>1013 </Compte>

<Lib_Compte>Cap. souscrit?-?appelé¬versé¦lt;/Lib_Compte>

<Debit> </Debit>

<Credit>1?013,00 </Credit>







the repetitive information is under (<Ecriture>)

so i put Xpath = /projectteam/journal/ecriture


but i need to get <ENTETE> data for the report's head.

so i need the syntax to get the field with iReport .


is it possible or do i need to pass that information by parameter ?









By: Bogdan - cecenu

RE: Mutiple Xpath and sibling

2005-04-19 00:15

Hello, I hope it is not too late for the answer.

I've had this problem too. I did not found a way to use multiple XPath's but with subreports you can resolve the problem. Use the XPath for accesing <ENTETE> in the "master" report, and insert in it a subreport with it's own XPath beeing "/projectteam/journal/ecriture" and it will work.

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