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Subreport empty

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By: frenchc_44 - frenchc_44

Subreport empty

2005-04-12 15:22

I have some static text (copyright info) that I want to use in a subreport, so I can use it all over, in many different reports. Since I have no report data though, I don't think I should need to specify a Datasource. Unfortunately, if I don't, my subreport doesn't show. Is there another, more preferable way to do this?


Also, I may have misunderstood the quick reference. It seems to indicate the datasource expression is optional for the subreport.





By: stephan - rossouw

RE: Subreport empty

2005-04-13 02:01

Why dont you leave out the Datasource and set the connection to this:


The subreport should use the report's connection and your stuff will be desplayed.





By: frenchc_44 - frenchc_44

RE: Subreport empty

2005-04-13 05:55

Thanks for the info. That works too. I wish I knew why.


What is $P{REPORT_CONNECTION}? Didn't see it in the docs. Is there a guide for JR stashed away somewhere?

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