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Blurry pdf images

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By: Dan Dubinsky - dandubinsky

Blurry pdf images

2005-04-12 04:41

I have a report with an image that look good in IReport and in the JR viewer, but gets blurry when generated as a pdf. I think it may be the pdf compression settings. Is there any way I can set them when doing the export?







By: Rich Johnson - rwj999

RE: Blurry pdf images

2005-04-12 07:13

I had a similar issue. What is the DPI for your image? Most "web" images are typically 72dpi, which look great on screen, but not so good when printed.


If possible, try boosting your image to 300dpi. 300dpi is the recommended resolution for printing.


Hope this helps.





By: Dan Dubinsky - dandubinsky

RE: Blurry pdf images

2005-04-12 09:16

Hi Rich,


Thanks for the help. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do I change the dpi of an image ?










By: Denny Valliant - xenden

RE: Blurry pdf images

2005-04-12 14:49

With image editing software. Photoshop, for example, lets you set the DPI for the image.

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