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[ANN] JasperAssistant 1.4.3 released


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By: Peter Severin - peter_p_s

[ANN] JasperAssistant 1.4.3 released

2004-12-14 00:51

JasperAssistant (http://www.jasperassistant.com) is a visual report designer for JasperReports, a popular open-source reporting engine. It is built on top of the Eclipse's plug-in architecture and its main goal is to help you create JasperReports report definition files through an intuitive graphical interface.


What's new:


* Support for JasperReports 0.6.3. The most notable feature in this version of JasperReports is box settings support for image and text report objects. Border style, color and padding can be set individually for each box side.

* New border toolbar that simplifies the work with box settings.

* Eclipse update site that allows to install or update the plug-in directly from Eclipse. (http://www.jasperassistant.com/updates/)


Main benefits of JasperAssistant:


* Design and layout your reports using an intuitive visual interface and avoid the need for XML editing of JasperReports templates.

* Use the only designer that fully supports all the features of JasperReports up to the latest version.

* Take advantage of Eclipse IDE integration and effectively combine Java and JasperReports development.

* Efficiently locate and correct report problems using precise error indications.

* Preview your reports instantly using live data from a JDBC database connection, an XML document, JavaBeans array or a custom data source.

* Export and preview your reports in PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV and XML formats.


Download the evaluation version: http://www.jasperassistant.com/download.html


Screenshots: http://www.jasperassistant.com/screenshots.html


For more information please visit http://www.jasperassistant.com

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