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Hosting Companies w/ Jasper Reports?


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By: robotgod2000 - robotgod

Hosting Companies w/ Jasper Reports?

2004-11-24 06:18



I am very interested in trying out Jasper Reports, and what I understand to be the web designer end user programs that sit on top of Jasper Reports (ireports, openreports). I don't have the technical resources or manpower to get the apps up and running, but I really want to try them out.


Does anyone know of any hosting companies that offer Jasper Reports/add-on's as a service? I'd be more than willing to plop down $29.99 a month to be able to cut to the chase and try out the reporting from the designer/end user perspective.


I have been searching goolge but really haven't found any companies, which is suprising to me.


Surely there must be a contol panel out there (cPanel, Ensign) that offers a "Jasper Reports" auto-install, similiar to what exists for say CMS open source systems like Xoops or Mambo.


Any ideas? Am I trivializing the install of these report writers?


Thanks for the help!



By: robotgod2000 - robotgod

RE: Hosting Companies w/ Jasper Reports?

2004-11-28 15:24

Any thoughts on this? Seems like a great idea for someone to offer a pay service doing the admin, setup, and upgrades for these software produces.



By: Edgar Dollin - edollin

RE: Hosting Companies w/ Jasper Reports?

2004-11-28 18:16

If they were all web based products then it would make some sense or if they were designed so they could be run as applets.


Any java hosting site could host a completed application since you would just drop in the applicable jars.


As they are this doesn't make sense.



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