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Accessing array objects from report


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By: ulusoy - ulusoy

Accessing array objects from report

2004-10-20 01:44



I have a array of data using as datasource (JRBeanArrayDataSource) to fill my report.

I can not access values of some elements in the array.


I declare a field as an object like;


<field name="accountType" class="java.lang.Object"> </field>


And I want to show the name and the code of accountType object by using getAccountTypeName(), getAccountTypeCode() methods declared in AccountType class. I want to cast the object accountType and use getAccountTypeName() methods to access the name of the account name like;


<textFieldExpression class="java.lang.String"><![CDATA[((model.account.vo.AccountType)$F{accountType}).getAccountTypeName()]]>



as I also include the "model.account.vo" in the build path, I get an error like


[10/20/04 11:04:13:546 EEST] 69f169f1 SystemErr R C:Program FilesIBMWebSphere StudioApplication Developerv5.1.2HesapListesi.java:105: package model.account.vo does not exist

value = (java.lang.String)(((model.account.vo.AccountType)((java.lang.Object)field_accountType.getValue())).getAccountTypeName());



I'm doing something wrong but I could not overcome this problem.

Is there an example of accessing array objects from report?

All help is highly appreciated.





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