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Text in textfield is jumping from line Why?


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By: pirunporn - pirunporn

Text in textfield is jumping from line Why?

2004-03-28 06:51

1.) I places 2 textfields to continue in same line and same font and same size but the first data in textfield is jump above from line .Although textfield size is larger than data inside . but when I expand textfield size then this problem is solved but textfield size will larger than data inside very much it makes big space between first textfield with second textfield


2.) suppose I want 1 space in last text such as "page : " in right align but why it is trimmed

==> "page :" when report display


Thank you for your solutions :-)



By: David Lim - aberrant80

RE: Text in textfield is jumping from line Wh

2004-03-28 18:52

1) I believe this is something to with text wrapping. just make the width of the text field slightly larger. If you really need the 2 text close together, use one single textfield and just do a concatenation.


2) well, i didn't notice that. and i wonder how you managed to notice that. you could always shift the x of the next text field slightly further away so it looks like there's a space.

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