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Problem with Custom Data Source


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By: Mohamed - maewonline

Problem with Custom Data Source

2004-03-23 07:38



I have the following class in the following class i have two data source for my report sf1VO and dishVO




the following class haven't the implementation of it's next method




My need is i want someone to help me to put an implementation to the next() method so i can iterate in the two datasource without any problem


// Import oracle jbo classes

import dori.jasper.engine.*;

import dori.jasper.view.*;


import oracle.jbo.uicli.binding.*;

import oracle.jbo.uicli.controls.*;

import oracle.jbo.uicli.jui.*;

import oracle.jbo.uicli.mom.*;

import oracle.jbo.*;

import oracle.jbo.domain.Number;


public class SF1ReportDataSource implements JRDataSource



private ViewObject sf1VO;

private ViewObject dishVO;

public SF1ReportDataSource()


try {

// Bootstrap application


JUApplication app =




new JUEnvInfoProvider()


JUPanelBinding panelBinding = new JUPanelBinding("stms_jclient.RolloutSf1ReportModule", null);


// Load all the panels with the corresponding ViewObject data.

sf1VO =


dishVO =




} catch (Exception ex) {


JUMetaObjectManager.reportException(null, ex);





public Object getFieldValue(JRField field) throws JRException


if (field.getName().equals("Dish_Size1"))


return new String("");


String fieldName = field.getName();

Object obj = sf1VO.getCurrentRow().getAttribute(fieldName);

String ss = null;

if (obj!=null) ss = obj.toString();

return ss ;








By: Mohamed - maewonline

RE: Problem with Custom Data Source

2004-03-23 08:18

Any Suggestions????



By: Chuck Deal - cdeal

RE: Problem with Custom Data Source

2004-03-23 10:44

You need to give people some time to think about it!


You also need to supply more details.


What do you want the next() method to do? Iterate over the first datasource and then continue with the second? Iterate over both at the same time (treat both sets of data as a single row)?





By: RoyalScorpion - mohamedfakhry20

RE: Problem with Custom Data Source

2004-03-28 13:56

i think i send to you a code explains how to iterate on these two resultsets

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