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default image if...

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By: Matteo - mmtt

default image if...

2005-02-25 03:24

Hi all. this is my problem:

I have a query that retrieves data (from a db) like this:

rank item other_data

1 aaaa .....

2 bbbb ......

3 cccc ......

for each item, i have a jpg file saved on a server Nt (myserver).

The image are saved with the name of the item (e.g. aaaa.jpg, bbbb.jpg and so on).

Some items may have not an image associated.


I would like to create a report with the name of the item and, close to it, the image of the item.

For the items who have not an image, I woul like to print the no_image.jpg file (default).

Is it possible to do that?

How can I tell to my image field on the report:

"try to load this \myserver$F{item}.jpg, and if you can't find the image, load \myserverno_image.jpg?

Thanks in advance








By: David Lim - aberrant80

RE: default image if...

2005-02-27 18:28

I think you'll need a scriptlet to do the checking for whether the image exists or not. And you can just use the imageExpression to decide which image to use by calling your scriptlet.

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