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subreports & data sources

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By: Code_Slave - code_slave

subreports & data sources

2005-02-27 04:10


Im trying to do the following:


1. pull data from a database, using a customdatasource to display in a report, (which works).


however 1 of the cols is a description & is too long , so i display a 3 letter code instead, and do not pull the description over the connection.




I want to add a summary that shows the 3 letter code and the full description, but the data is stored in 2 separate tables, and i do not want to do a single select , as this would make the query too large.


I could just type the codes into the summary band , but that seems sloppy.



How can i pass 1 custom datasource to the master report, then pass another custom datasource to the sub report.


obviously i want to do this programatically , using java.


currently to fill my master report i have:


jpPrint = JasperFillManager.fillReport(

is, parameterHashmap, ourCustomDataSource);








By: David Lim - aberrant80

RE: subreports & data sources

2005-02-27 18:24

Well, there's nothing stopping you from passing your second data source as a simple parameter of type Map to the main report and then setting the REPORT_DATA_SOURCE of your subreport to that parameter.

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