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Use Style on Text Expression


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I am using iReport 3.7.3

And I am facing exact problem as I found on http://jasperforge.org/plugins/espforum/view.php?group_id=83&forumid=101&topicid=50134

But I can not see the continuation of that thread. So I ask again in this forum.

I have text expression with value

"<style isBold='true' fontSize='10'>Card No : " + $P{P_CARD_NO} + "</style>"

I could see the expected result on iReport but If I call it from JSP the text is in plain format. No bold. No bigger font size as 10 defined.

What's missing here?



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The attributes whatever you are using under Style tag are incorrect. I don't know the actual reason behind that. But I also had the same problem and fixed myself.

There is no attribute called 'fontSize'. It should be 'size' only. I don't know the working attribute name for 'isBold'.


Purushotham Reddy,

Software Developer

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How did you solve the problem? As far as I know, "isBold" and "fontSize" where the proper attribute names! O.o

also, I've noticed that using simple html like "<b>TEXT</b>" doesn't seems to work anymore, not in the preview nor in the actual printed report. I've tried to set the markup to both "styled" and "html", but if I remember correctly, the "styled" option used to include the html part...

any help anyone?


EDIT: I don't really know about "fontSize", but I'm SURE I've used "isBold" plenty of times before, together with the html tags...

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