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URGENT!! File not found running webapp sample

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By: Philippe Damerval - damerval

URGENT!! File not found running webapp sample

2005-02-07 12:57


I am trying to run the webapp sample that came with Jasper 0.6.4. I am particularly interested in using jasper from a servlet to allow users to call reports from web links.

I have good experience with Jasper but on Swing applications. However, this is my first shot at servlets.

I can load the index.html file that is in the webapp folder, but when I click for instance on the html output link, and then click on the Servlet example link, I get a file not found error. The file path points to a servlets directory inside the sampleswebapp directory that does not exist, so it's no wonder the file is not found, but how do I run this example? Please help, this is urgent.









By: Hans Prueller - hanzz

RE: URGENT!! File not found running webapp sa

2005-02-07 22:17

looks like you're NOT running the servlet example within a servlet container?





By: Philippe Damerval - damerval

RE: URGENT!! File not found running webapp sa

2005-02-09 11:55

No, I guess not. I did not find any instructions in the folder on what I needed to make this run. Can you help me out?



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